Master of Science in Immunology


The Department of Immunology offers a postgraduate programme leading to the award of Master of Science (M.Sc) degree in Immunology. This degree programme is designed to develop skilled human resource in Immunology and its related disciplines at both clinical and biomedical science levels. The programme is modelled on the innovative medical education involving problem based learning and student- centred strategies.

Advances in Immunology are rapidly enhancing clinical practice and biomedical sciences through better understanding of molecular biology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of immune mediated priority health problems. Immunology is also at the forefront in the combat of life threatening and emerging medical conditions, including communicable diseases.

The programme is therefore designed to produce high calibre personnel to meet national development and training needs in health delivery services, research and industry.

Admission Requirements

TheMoi University Graduate studies common regulations governing admission shall apply.

Specifically, candidates considered should possess basic degree in biomedical Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Dental Surgery, Environmental Health or equivalent degrees recognized by Moi University.


Moi University common regulation governing graduate studies duration shall apply.

Course Structure

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