Master of Medicine in Anaesthesia and Critical Care


Anaesthesia and critical care is a specialty that deals with relief of pain, provision of sedation or narcosis to patients undergoing surgery and various painful and unpleasant diagnostic procedures. Anaesthesiologists also take care of critically ill patients. To perform these, Anaesthesiologists use potent drugs that alter the patients’ physiological functions. In order to monitor and correct the changing physiological functions, various equipment with different physical principles are used. This therefore requires anaesthesiologists to have adequate knowledge and the application of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and physics.

Advancements in the field of surgery and other procedures that require anaesthesia has led to evolution of sub specialities in anaesthesia, including: neuroanaesthesia, paediatric anaesthesia, obstetric anaesthesia, cardiac anaesthesia, thoracic anaesthesia and pain medicine.

The aim of the programme is to train doctors as anaesthesiologists and critical care providers.

Course Duration

The M.Med Anaesthesiology degree programme shall take (4) years and not exceed (8 ) years unless the Senate approves otherwise

Award of Degree

Students shall graduate with a Master of Medicine in Anasthesia and Critical Care on the successful completion of the outlined programme and duly satisfying the School of Medicine Examinations Board, the College of Heath Sciences Academic Board and the Moi University Senate.

Course Structure



Common Courses

MMB 802 Epidemiology 3
MME 801 Innovative Medical Education 2
HII 813 Introduction to Information Technology 2
MMR 807 Research Methods 4
MMR 805 Biomedical Literature Appraisal 2
MMB 803 Applied Biostatistics 3
MMR 898 Proposal Writing 2
ANB 812 Physiology 7
ANB 813 I Pharmacology 3
ANB 814 I Physics & Clinical Measurements I 3

Clinical Anaesthesia Courses

ANC 812 Introduction and History of Anaesthesia 1
ANR 812 Pre-operative Management 2
ANR813 Intraoperative Management 2
ANR814 Post-operative care 2
ANC 813 Anaesthesia, HDU, ICU Equipment, 2
Monitoring & Safety during anaesthesia 2
Total 42


MMC 806 Medical Ethics and Physicianship 2
ANB 812 II Applied Physiology 4
ANB 813 II Applied Pharmacology 5
ANB 815 Anatomy 2
ANB 814 II Physics & Clinical Measurements II 5
ANR 824 General Surgery, Urology & Gynaecology 4
ANR 834 I Critical Care Medicine I 4
ANR 833 I Pain Management I 4
ANR 818 Obstetrics anaesthesia 4
ANR815 Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia 6
Total 40


ANR 816 Paediatric anaesthesia 6
ANR 817 Neuro-anaesthesia 6
ANR 819 Anaesthesia for Day Care Surgery 4
ANR 821 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) anaesthesia 2
ANR 822 Anaesthesia in Ophthalmology 2
ANR 823 Orthopaedic anaesthesia 2
ANR 825 Regional anaesthesia 6
ANR 826 Trauma, Resuscitation, stabilization and transfer of patients 4
ANR 827 Plastic/Burns anaesthesia 3
ANR 828 Maxillo-facial /dental anaesthesia 2
ANR 829 Geriatric Anaesthesia 2
ANR831 Anaesthesia/sedation outside the operating room 2
Total 41


ANR 832 Anaesthesia for Vascular Surgery 3
ANR 833 II Pain Management 6
ANR 834 II Intensive care medicine 8
ANR 835 Coexisting Medical Diseases and Anaesthesia 4
ANR 836 Electives 6
MMR 899 Thesis 9
CHM 803 Health services management and health policy 4
Total 40
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