Dr. Susan Keino 

Lecturer, Head, Human Nutrition Department

Susan keino1

Department of Human Nutrition was created way back in the 90s in the Faculty of Health Sciences. It was later merged with Department of Epidemiology to become Department of Epidemiology & Nutrition. In 2014 it was separated to stand on its own as Department of Human Nutrition in the School of Public Health as one of the 5 departments within the School.

Vision and Mission

Vision of the Department of Human Nutrition

To be a leading department in enhancing knowledge, understanding and analysis of human nutrition through high quality research and teaching with specific emphasis on health

Mission of the Department of Human Nutrition

The mission of the department is to apply the nutritional sciences and nutrition education to promote healthy living, prevent disease, improve the quality of life and manage nutritional disorders. The department also endeavors to participate in multidisciplinary research and initiate evidence-based and appropriate nutrition interventions.    

Quality Objectives

  1. To review curriculum every five (5) years in order to meet societal needs
  2. To conduct at least monthly meetings to ensure communication and implementation of decisions in the department
  3. To produce at least two (2) publication in refereed journals and attend two conferences among faculty per year
  4. To conduct at least one (1) community outreach per year
  5. To undertake at least one (1) collaborative and multidisciplinary research per year
  6. To maintain progression rate of 50% for each cohort of MPH nutrition track to the next level and graduate at least 50% per year

Programmes Offered

The Department of Human Nutrition has been a service department through teaching and supervising all nutrition related courses and topics across programs in the College of Health Sciences, Moi University. Some of the course offered includes Community Nutrition, Digestive Systems and Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and Community Based Education and Service (COBES). We have also have a master’s program (MPH- Nutrition) that is being taught in Eldoret and Nairobi Campus. Programs that are being developed are as follows:


BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics


MSc Public Health Nutrition

MSc Sports Nutrition

MSc. Clinical Nutrition


PhD in Public Health Nutrition

PhD in Sports Nutrition

PhD Clinical Nutrition



The research interests in the department are varied ranging from Double burden of malnutrition; role of community workers on improving nutritional status of children; urban nutrition and food security as well as Use of African-Indigenous Vegetables to Improve Micronutrient Status in Children in Kenya. Other ongoing researches include Community Risk assessment 


University of Toronto – Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Rutgers University


1 Prof Grace Ettyang Associate Professor PhD Maastricht Netherlands (2005) MSc (University of Nairobi (1985), DLSHTM University of London (1978) B.Ed. UoN (1976)
2 Dr. Susan Keino Lecturer /HOD PhD (Maastricht University) MSc. (Maseno) (2005) BSc. (Moi)
3 Salome Korir Assistant Lecturer PhD (On going) MSc (UoN), BSc. (Egerton)

Elizabeth Buluku


Assistant Lecturer

PhD ( On going) MSc. (2002) (KU) B.Ed. (KU)


5 Dr. Peninah Masibo Lecturer

PhD Stellensbosch, (2013) MPhil (Moi) (1998), MPH (Moi) (2002)


6 Caroline Sawe Lecturer

PhD (On going) – UON

MPH Nutrition,(Moi University) BSc. (Egerton University)

7 Dr. Ashley aimone Visiting Lecturer


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