The department of Disaster Risk Management was established in 2012 informed by the increase in disaster frequency and complexity that required a regional skilled human resource to not only develop relevant programs but be directly involved in preparedness, mitigation and response.

Institutional safety, awareness and preparedness are becoming major concerns in the wave of violence terror extremism which have become worldwide phenomena yet very few, relevant disaster trainings are available. It was necessary to bring the disaster thinking, coordination and operations under one department instead of the earlier scenario where several schools, Institutes and departments offered disaster related courses with no focal point within the region/university.

Well thought out academic programs and partnership between industry, civil society, government and academia are needed, something the department offers with pride. The department continues to work with Governments, NGOs, State and non-state actors in training, research and promoting innovative and high impact approaches to achieving community resilience and enhancing capacity while providing platform to share knowledge on disaster management.

Moi University offers a Master of Public Health degree programme within the College of Health sciences School of Public Health, at Graduate level and several short courses in partnership with international, regional and the local community. The trainees are from diverse backgrounds, with the understanding that disasters are for as many sectors, agencies and specialties.

There is Public need for relevant undergraduate disaster programs, a need the department is in final stages of rolling out. We also have developed programs tailored to needs of vulnerable populations and communities within the region and we continue to be part of development efforts towards a safer, resilient nation, a nation that appreciates that all Emergencies and disasters have a Public health consequence and require an approach with Public Health hindsight. Two themes run out throughout operations of the Department; disaster risk reduction and response and early recovery.


The Department seeks to train graduates that that will have the requisite academic, practical knowledge, skills and correct attitude to prepare for, and respond emergencies and disasters contribute to reducing disaster risk and loses and build community resilience.

Vision and Mission

Vision of the Department

To enhance Research and practice in preparedness, mitigation and response of trainees in the African region in dealing with vulnerable populations.

Mission of the Department

To be a regional centre of excellence in disaster training, research, consultancy and Practice.

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