Prof. Mabel N. Nangami

Dean, School of Public Health

The School of Public Health (SPH) was established in 1998 in recognition of the need for training high level manpower in Public Health. The training programmes of the School have been developed to meet the University's mission of producing skilled and practical health professionals who will contribute towards the realization of the country's national goals laid out in vision 2030.

As a public health leader, the School bears unique responsibility for research that improves the health of populations, communications and societies. The goal of our academic programmes is to instill in our students values of life long learning, inquiry and public service. The corner stone of our outreach strategy is to engage communities, leaders, professionals and other stakeholders within and beyond the University as partners in the mission of public health.

To advance our excellence in research, education and outreach for preventive and promotive health care requires a diversified academic programme. The B.Sc. Environmental Health Programme aims at producing a graduate who will approach environmental health issues with a holistic global perspective and critically analyze problems with a view to integrating theory and practice in the assessment and provision of preventive and promotive health care services. The Masters of Public Health programme provides learning opportunities to students across the health sciences in public health disciplines, competencies and skills important to their professions. To achieve our vision of being a regional and international centre for excellence in the training, research, practice, research and consultancy in Public Health, we propose to offer executive programmes for working professionals; additional undergraduate programmes in Human Nutrition; Leadership and Health Services management; postgraduate programmes in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Human Nutrition; Health Services Management; Conflict Resolution and Humanitarian Assistance.


·         Health Policy management

·         Epidemiology and Nutrition

·         Environmental Health

·         Disaster Prevention and Management


The School collaborates with a number of organizations locally and internationally including: SIDA, AMREF, DAAD, MTRH, Red Cross, Indiana University, Ministry of Health and World Health Organization, VLIR, International Rescue Committees and the Boston School of Field Studies.

Future Plans

Diversification of our academic programmes will advance our excellence in research, education and outreach fro preventive and promotive health care. Proposed academic programmes include:

Executive programmes for working professionals

·         Master of Healthcare administration

·         Master of Public Health

Undergraduate Programmes

·         BSc. Leadership and Health Service Management

·         BSc. Clinical Nutrition or Public Health Nutrition

Post graduate Programmes

·         MSc. Conflict Resolution and Humanitarian Assistance

·         MSc. Food Hygiene and Safety

·         MSc. Occupational Health and Safety

·         MSc. Epidemiology and Biostatistics

·         MSc./PhD Clinical Nutrition or Public Health Nutrition or Sports Nutrition

·         PhD Biostatistics and Epidemiology

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